New Music: Up-And-Coming Artist Taylor Berrett Premieres “Whole Heart” Music Video

Taylor Berrett Premieres "Whole Heart" Music Video On MTV Buzzworthy

Singer-songwriter Taylor Berrett recently signed to SRP Records (the company behind Rihanna‘s biggest hits!) and he’s already taking the music world by storm.

His music video “Whole Heart” premiered yesterday and features Taylor singing a touching love song in an empty theatre.  But just who is Taylor Berrett?

The 19-year-old Northern Virgina native first got noticed by his cover of Drake and Rihanna’s “Take Care” with Vita Chambers.  Taylor’s voice is mature beyond its years, with an appealing rasp to it.  The duo did a beautiful acoustic version of the song showcasing their unique style and making the cover their own.

In an interview with J-14 Magazine, Berrett explained his musical style.  “At the core it’s pop music, performed with mainly acoustic instruments, but heavily influenced by soul and blues artists of the past and R&B artists of the present,” he said.  “It’s in the same universe of acts like John Mayer and Coldplay.”

He uses his own life experiences as inspiration for his songs.  In fact, “Whole Heart” is “the most personal song” he’s written so far.  “I sometimes like to generalize and use lots of metaphors in songs to distance myself from them emotionally, but every line in “Whole Heart” is completely and painfully me. It’s really an apology, about asking somebody to be patient with me and promising to be better at giving all of myself to her before it’s too late.”

Taylor’s five-song EP Anchor Chasing is currently available on iTunes.

Check out the “Whole Heart” music video on MTV Buzzworthy.

Want to see more from Taylor?  You can watch the music video for his first single, “Anchor Chasing,” after the jump!

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