New Music: Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald Show Off Love In “Now That I’ve Found You” Music Video

"Now That I've Found You" - Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald

Twilight‘s Nikki Reed released a duet track called “Now That I’ve Found You” with hubbie and former American Idol contestant Paul McDonald last year.  The duo just debuted the music video for the song, which truly showcases their newlywed love!

Paul talked to Hollywood Crush about what it was like working on a song with his wife: “I’m always walking around the house with a guitar, and I’m always writing songs and stuff like that.  Nikki’s a great writer and she always kind of sings along with me.  I’m like, ‘Dude, you have a great voice. Why don’t we do something?’  When we were on the way back from France, this song kind of happened on the plane.  We just got together and wrote it.”

On the topic of singing, Nikki and Paul’s voices blend together so well!  They have a very indie-country sound going on that is just gorgeous.  And who knew Nikki Reed could sing?  It seems like almost everyone in the Twilight series has music talent!

"Now That I've Found You" - Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald

The music video, co-directed by Nikki and Whitney Dean, shows the love and connection the married couple has.  We follow the couple as they walk hand-in-hand through a beautiful field and sit on a Volkswagen Beetle.  The editing is very uniquely done, with beautiful transitions, quick shots, and interesting cuts that really draw you into the video.

"Now That I've Found You" - Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald

Nikki said of the video: “I wanted it to be simple and sweet and tell the story of two people and have it be more about the atmosphere.  I don’t know if you notice, but there’s a very specific choice in there with cuts and specific shots that are partial and you can only see parts of our mouths and hands.  I don’t want to dwell on the shots of us for too long.”

You can check out Nikki and Paul’s music video for “Now That I’ve Found You” on MTV’s Hollywood Crush.

"Now That I've Found You" - Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald

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