Pop Culture Planet

Blast off into the world of entertainment with Pop Culture Planet! Hosted by TV and film critic Kristen Maldonado, Pop Culture Planet is a weekly video podcast featuring analytical pop culture discussions and interviews with diverse voices in the space. Watch new episodes LIVE every Thursday at 6:30pm EST on youtube.com/kaymaldo to join the conversation in real time. Later, find an audio version of the show on your favorite podcast listening platforms, from Spotify to Apple Podcasts and beyond.

Kristen is a huge champion for representation and diversity in Hollywood and Pop Culture Planet was inspired by the lack of diversity she was seeing within the entertainment space, particularly in criticism. Since launching the show, she’s spoken to a wide range of entertainment experts from diverse backgrounds on topics including the female lens vs the male gaze, LGBTQ+ experiences on screen, the model minority, women in film, superhero culture, and the importance of representation on screen, behind the scenes, and in criticism.

Additionally, Kristen is known for her engaging and in-depth interviews with rising talent in the industry on Pop Culture Planet. Exploring their impressive resumes, the power of representation and community within Hollywood, and keeping positive, supportive circles, Kristen has had uniquely personal, eye-opening, and educational conversations with Stargirl’s Yvette Monreal, Julie and the Phantom’s Madison Reyes, and Roswell New Mexico’s Jeanine Mason, among others.

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