Video: With a bubbly personality and a passion for all things entertainment, I am a one-woman show when it comes to content creation. I light, mic, produce, film, and edit all of my own content and have been making original videos centered around pop culture since 2014. I hosted, wrote, and produced two original digital series for MTV: All The Feels, a digital recap show for Faking It giving a deeper look into each episode featuring cast interviews, and It Was All A Stream, a digital series breaking down what you need to be streaming each week in music, movies, and television. I’ve also been featured in videos for MTV and Glamour. For more of my videos, you can check out youtube.com/kaymaldo.

Writing: I am the founder of Pop Culture Planet, an entertainment outlet focused on diverse voices. I’ve covered television premieres, film festivals, red carpet events, and more. Featuring deeper dives into television, movies, and interviews, it is a further extension of my video podcast Pop Culture Planet that dives into analytical pop culture discussions and interviews with diverse voices in the entertainment space. My writing has also been featured on Rotten Tomatoes, Marvel, TeenNick, and TRL.

Audio: I host the Pop Culture Planet video podcast, which has spun-off into a full entertainment outlet. I am a huge champion for representation in Hollywood and Pop Culture Planet was inspired by the lack of diversity I was seeing within the entertainment space. Since launching the show, I’ve spoken to a wide range of entertainment experts from diverse backgrounds on topics, including the female lens vs the male gaze, LGBTQ+ experiences on screen, the model minority, women in film, superhero culture, and the importance of representation on screen, behind the scenes, and in criticism. In recent years, I’ve made guest appearances on various podcasts discussing everything from pop culture to social media to online dating and relationships, including the Social Pros Podcast, Diva Dailies, and This Week In Marvel.

Social Media and Digital Strategy: I’m an experienced social media and digital strategist and content creator with a demonstrated history of creating impactful and engaging content that connects with fans on a personal level in the entertainment space. I’ve had a personal hand in launching and growing the social and digital footprints for over 40 original MTV and MTV2 shows, including TRL, Wild ‘N Out, Faking It, Girl Code, True Life, Awkward, Fantasy Factory, Ridiculousness, and the Teen Mom franchises.

Photography: Capturing content is a big part of the social and digital strategies implemented at MTV. Known by my co-workers as the “content capture queen,” I’ve captured photos, boomerangs, and social-first videos, as well as executed creative Instagram Story and Snapchat shoots and takeovers, with talent on numerous occasions. I’ve gathered content at video shoots and live events for shows including Catfish, Faking It, Awkward, Ridiculousness, Wild ‘N Out, Wild ‘N Out Live, Summer in the City, 90s House, TRL, and the MTV Video Music Awards, just to name a few.