Hollywood Hopefuls Head To The CW In ‘The L.A. Complex’

The search for fame and fortune doesn’t come easy in Hollywood, in fact, it’s enough to give you a complex.

Canada’s newest drama The L.A. Complex debuted a few months ago and heads to America on The CW later this month.  The series follows a group of six young adults trying to make it big in Hollywood.  The hourlong drama is executive produced by Linda Schuyler, Stephen Stohn, and Mertin Gero.

Here’s a look at who’s who on The L.A. Complex:

The young hopefuls who have become neighbors, friends and the closest thing any of them have to family, include Connor (Jonathan Patrick Moore, “Neighbours,” “All Saints”), an actor with drop-dead good looks and a dark past, who has just landed a leading role in his first series; Raquel, (Jewel Staite, “Firefly,” “Stargate: Atlantis”), a street-smart actress who had one big hit series, but is worried she’s quickly becoming yesterday’s news; Nick, (Joe Dinicol, “Murdoch Mysteries,” “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”), a struggling stand-up comedian who is always the best friend and never the boyfriend; Abby, (Cassie Steele, “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” “Relic Hunger”), the naive but determined young actress who gave up a boyfriend back home to stay in L.A. until she gets her big break; Alicia (Chelan Simmons, “Smallville,” “Supernatural”) a sensitive, aspiring dancer who will do whatever it takes to make ends meet; Kaldrick (Andra Fuller, “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” “Entourage”), the superstar Hip-Hop artist who hails from the streets of Oakland, California; and Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson, “Todd and The Book of Pure Evil,” “The Listener”), the talented aspiring Hip-Hop artist who is hiding a secret.

I’ve got to say that I’m very excited to see Cassie Steele back on screen.  Seeing her grow up as Manny Santos on Degrassi: The Next Generation for nine years, I’m eager to see what she does in a new television role.  Hopefully she’ll have tons of opportunities to show off her amazing vocals!

The L.A. Complex premieres April 24 at 9pm on The CW.


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