Guilty Pleasure: Oxygen’s ‘Brooklyn 11223’

'Brooklyn 11223' on Oxygen | credit:

New York has its own version of the Jersey Shore in Oxygen’s new reality show Brooklyn 11223.  It’s a reality show with a West Side Story twist, following two competing crews from Gravesend led by besties-turned-rivals, Christie Livoti and Joey Lynn Tekulve.

Christie and Joey Lynn were best friends, until Christie hears that Joey Lynn slept with her then-boyfriend, Roberto.  Joey Lynn denies it, Roberto isn’t in the picture anymore, and Christie has a new boyfriend, but for some reason the girls of Brooklyn 11223 can’t get past the rumors.  They each run with different crews now (Christie with Carla Cozzolino and Angelina Favuzza, and Joey Lynn with Amanda Gordon and Valona Saka), refusing to confront the issue head-on.  Unlike other reality shows that feature multiple cross- and sub-plots, every episode always ends up relating back to the incident and rivalry between Christie and Joey Lynn.

Cast of Oxygen's 'Brooklyn 11223' | credit:

The drama on Brooklyn 11223 is addicting!  The girls are all talk and no action, with their lives revolving around rumors.  You spend every episode wondering why the girls can’t just get together and talk it out.  Promos teasing the truth behind the Christie-Roberto-Joey Lynn fiasco give hope that some day soon we’ll find out what really went down.

Brooklyn 11223 airs on Oxygen Monday nights at 11pm.


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