I’m a content creator with a bubbly personality and a passion for all things entertainment. I’ve been making weekly YouTube videos about pop culture, including reviews, celebrity interviews, and more, since 2014. For more of my videos, you can check out I also hosted a web series for MTV’s Faking It and have been seen in videos for MTV and Glamour. Here you’ll find videos I’ve created or been featured in:

My Entertainment News Reel:

Lead actress in music video for the band This Condition’s song “Lost:”

Hofstra University’s Intern Spotlight:

TOXIN Anti-Bullying Package for Journal 16: Advanced News Writing and Reporting:

Stress During Finals Package for Journal 14: Video Multimedia Class:

Hofstra’s Got Talent at Fall Festival 2011:
My performance/interview begins at 1:50

News@Hofstra: Week of April 25th, 2011: