First Look At Pauly D’s MTV Spinoff: ‘The Pauly D Project’

Pauly D and the duo of Snooki and JWoww are breaking away from MTV’s Jersey Shore to star in their own reality shows.  Snooki and JWoww are currently filming their show in New Jersey, while Pauly D’s The Pauly D Project hits the small screen on March 29.  The show airs after the premiere of Justin Bieber‘s episode of the Punk’d reboot (where his first Punk’d victim is Taylor Swift!).

The Pauly D Project gives a look into the life of Pauly D as a DJ and what he’s like with his friends in Rhode Island.  Throughout the 12-episode series we meet “the Pauly D posse:” Biggie, who taught Pauly how to DJ; his bodyguard, Jerry; and his best friend/wingman Ryan.

During the trailer for the show, Biggie admits, “I wake up every morning and I thank God that he’s had these opportunities and he brought me along.”

Those opportunities?  Well, aside from starring on a reality show, Pauly D takes us along on the ride with him as he gets signed to rapper 50 Cent‘s label and goes on tour with Britney Spears!

Take a look at the trailer for The Pauly D Project, above.  Do you think you’ll watch the show?


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