‘Pretty Little Liars’ Renewed For Fourth Season

That’s right — with Pretty Little Liars heading into its fourth season that means even more mystery, drama, and fabulous clothes!

ABC Family president Michael Riley announced that the network has already picked up 24 more episodes of the show, according to the Hollywood Reporter.  A fourth season doesn’t seem to come as a surprise, as Pretty Little Liars is known for being ABC Family’s “top series of all time” and continues to take over social media outlets like Twitter during its seasons.

In the meantime, Pretty Little Liars makes its way back to television in January, where the network will air the second half of the third season.

Can’t wait till January for your weekly dose of PLL?  ABC Family has been posting a new spin-off web series called Pretty Dirty Secrets on their website, plus the second Pretty Little Liars Halloween special will air October 23 during the annual “13 Nights of Halloween” line-up.

Take a look at the promo for the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special, above.


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