I Made My Podcast Debut! Listen To My Guest Appearances On “DA” Podcast And The Dave Bullis Podcast

Back in college, I worked at Hofstra University’s radio station WRHU and did an internship at Marvel that involved a lot of podcast work, but it’s been years since I dabbled in the audio arts — until now! I’m excited to share that I’ve done two podcast guest appearances that are currently out now.

First up was “DA” Podcast hosted by Steve. This was a cool one because Steve is from Canada and I’m from New York so that’s quite a distant to connect over! I’m also the first women to ever appear on the show. We talked about everything from millennials to pop culture hot topics.

Next was the Dave Bullis Podcast hosted by Dave. On his podcast he speaks with a lot of people in the entertainment space, especially around film. We spoke about how I got my job at MTV, social media and digital content for television, and how the Internet allows you to create your own opportunities. Listen to the podcast here.

Stay tuned for more podcast appearances from me in the future!


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