I’m Featured In A Glamour Magazine Video About Leggings!

I’ve been featured in a video series for Glamour Magazine about women of all sizes and shapes trying on clothing and discussing how it makes them feel. So far I’ve tried on bikinis, jeans, and bridesmaid dresses for Glamour, and now in my fourth video, I’m back to talk about leggings.

Leggings are wonderful and probably the most versatile piece of clothing around. They can be worn around the house, at the gym, running errands, or at work. Plus they come in a variety of style from solid colored to patterned — you can even get jeggings which look like jeans but are infinitely more soft and comfy. Most women love leggings, but there’s been a strange trend of people saying these comfortable items of clothing are inappropriate. Maybe stop trying to control and sexualize women and what they wear and just worry about yourself!

Watch Glamour’s Women Sizes 0 To 28 Try on the Same Leggings:

Want to see more Glamour videos featuring me? You can watch more, below:


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