Clark Gregg and Jennifer Grey on the Tribeca Film Festival red carpet for 'Trust Me.'

Tribeca Film Festival 2013: ‘The Pretty One,’ ‘G.B.F.,’ And More [PHOTOS]

From watching spectacular new movies to hitting the star-studded red carpet, I covered Tribeca Film Festival this past April.  Check out my photos from the film festival, featuring celebrities like Clark Gregg, Naomi Watts, and Norman Reedus: Coverage from Tribeca Film Festival 2013: JoJo talks acting in ‘G.B.F.’ and figuring out life through music Paul Iacono on ‘G.B.F.,’ overcoming stereotypes, and being yourself 5 Things … Continue reading Tribeca Film Festival 2013: ‘The Pretty One,’ ‘G.B.F.,’ And More [PHOTOS]

Movie Monday: ‘Pitch Perfect’ Trailer!

Pitch Perfect, starring Anna Kendrick, digs into the world of a cappella music on the college level.  Scripted by 30 Rock producer Kay Cannon, Kendrick’s character joins an a cappella group – you know, after she’s ambushed in the shower – and then attempts to take the group to a whole new level by encouraging them to perform more modern songs.  Pitch Perfect is based … Continue reading Movie Monday: ‘Pitch Perfect’ Trailer!