New Music: Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars Debut “Safe & Sound” Music Video

Yesterday Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars debuted their “Safe & Sound” music video for The Hunger Games movie.  Swift looks like she is walking through a war-torn Capitol, remembering life as it use to be.  While simple, the music video is very powerful and shows off the beautiful scenic area that it was shot in (which happens to be Nashville!).  The video is perfect for The Hunger Games, with subtle references to important points in the book series like the Mockingjay pin. gives a look into some other Hunger Games references in the music video:

The video starts in a house that looks an awful lot like the Everdeen home in District 12’s Seam. It’s broken and old and very modest, just like Katniss’ place. Oh, and there’s a fire going in the hearth — a very fitting little tribute to welcome “the girl who was on fire,” yes?

Taylor Swift’s simple dress in the “Safe and Sound” video makes her look all ready for the Reaping, too, and as she traipses around the barren woods until she comes upon game, she looks as though she’s trying to escape the hopelessness of the place. Those familiar with the woes of Panem might find the scene familiar. Eventually, the forest begins to go up in flames. So much for happy endings.

Some of the other winks to The Hunger Games were a bit more obvious. In one instance, she finds a Mockingjay pin lying on a dresser in the ghost of a house, while in another she passes by a bunch of berries and clasps a bundle of flowers that look like wilted rue.

Check out the music video for The Hunger Games‘ “Safe & Sound,” above.


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