I’m Featured In A Glamour Magazine Video About Bridesmaid Dresses!

Over the last year, I’ve been featured in a video series for Glamour Magazine about women of all sizes and shapes wearing specific items of clothing and talking about how it makes them feel. One was about women wearing the same style of bikini, the other was about wearing the same style of jeans.

In this new third installment, I went back to the Glamour studios to be a part of another video — this time about women and bridesmaid dresses! Bridesmaid dress shopping is absolutely the worst. They never have size options available for everyone to try on and, at least from my experience, sometimes the people in charge of measuring aren’t always correct with the size dress they suggest you buy. Of course, it’s worth it on the big day when you’re celebrating a friend or family member’s vows of love to their significant other — but the shopping is a big struggle for women of all sizes, as you’ll see below.

Watch Glamour’s Women Sizes 0 To 28 Try on the Same Bridesmaid Dress:

Want to see more Glamour videos featuring me?

You can watch Glamour’s Women Sizes 0 To 28 Try on the Same Jeans:

You can also watch Glamour’s Women Sizes 4 To 30 Try on the Same Swimsuit:


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