Meredith O’Connor Teases Her Upcoming Anti-bullying Film ‘Playing The Game’

Now a pop star and anti-bullying activist, Meredith O’Connor isn’t shy about sharing her experiences with bullying. As a student on Long Island, she even dealt with a bully who broke her nose during school and didn’t feel like she had a safe space to get help, according to Thrive Global. But when her original song “Celebrity” took off on YouTube back in 2013, O’Connor realized that she had a voice and could connect with other people to raise awareness about the issues that she’s passionate about. Since then, she’s become a youth ambassador for the United Nations and uses her platform to empower young people on the topics of bullying and mental health.

Now it seems that O’Connor’s story will get a chance to resonate with audiences on the silver screen. “We’re doing a movie about my life and it’s based on a story about a girl who’s bullied,” O’Connor told me on the Tribeca Film Festival red carpet for Back Roads. “It’s called Playing the Game and I’m really, really excited for it to come out.”

Watch my interview with pop star, actress, and activist Meredith O’Connor, below:

It appears O’Connor will be playing a character named Amber Washington who goes “from tormented child to pop icon” with the movie plot heavily drawing from real life events she’s experienced. “I can’t wait to share this movie with my fans,” said O’Connor. “It’s going to be something they really, really resonate with.” The film is expected to be directed by Ilyssa Goodman, best known for directing The Standoff and producing the Cinderella Story franchise. Garrett Clayton, of Teen Beach Movie, The Fosters, and Hairspray Live!, is also reportedly attached to the film.

Additionally, O’Connor has music projects and tours in the works with the United Nations. “I’m on the board of Montessori United Nations. We’re doing a song called “Welcome To The Alumni” produced by Heather Holley and it’s going to have myself, Frankie Grande, and a few other people,” she shared. “We’re all going to come together and it’s going to be this fun thing about saying that the things that make you different are the things that make you unique.” O’Connor revealed that they’ll be traveling to New Zealand, Australia, the UK, France, and Spain on the tour.


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