Jennifer Morrison Confirms Role In ‘The Torture Report,’ Raúl Castillo Working On Latino Superhero Film, And More Upcoming Projects

Many actors and directors come to New York City to promote and support their incredible films and television shows premiering at Tribeca Film Festival — but that’s not all they have going on! While on the red carpet, I spoke with Jennifer Morrison, Sheila Vand, and more about what other projects they have coming up.


Jennifer Morrison was at Tribeca Film Festival this year to support the film Back Roads, where she plays Callie Mercer who is having an affair with Alex Pettyfer’s character Harley Altmyer, and her directorial project Fabled, a Refinery29 fairy tale anthology. “I feel so lucky that Tribeca’s really embraced the projects that I’ve been a part of. They’ve really been a part of my directing career from the beginning because they programmed [her directorial short film debut] Warning Labels,” she told me on the Tribeca red carpet. “So I feel like they’ve been incredibly supportive. It’s nice to be here in both capacities: to be supporting Alex in Back Roads and then also be able to be excited for the world to see Fabled for the first time.”

But that’s not all she’s got going on. “I just finished a film in Atlanta called SuperFly and that will be coming out this summer. It’s a Sony film,” she told me. She also confirmed a project she’d been rumored to have been involved with. “And I’m working on a project in New York right now called The Torture Report,” Morrison revealed.


In addition to playing Ma in the film We The Animals, which just premiered at Tribeca, Sheila Vand is busy with projects coming up on the big and small screens. “I’m in TNT’s new Snowpiercer and I’m really excited about that,” she shared with me on the red carpet. “I also have a film called Vulture Club that Susan Sarandon is starring in about a war journalist who gets captured that I’m really excited for.”


Outside of her writing, directing, and starring in her first feature The Party’s Just Beginning, Karen Gillan just reprised her role as Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Nebula in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Avengers: Infinity War. “Avengers: Infinity War is coming out,” she told me. “It’s going to be amazing. Check it out!” And with tickets still nearly impossible to get even a week after it’s premiere, Infinity War has been one hot commodity!


Raúl Castillo tackled the role of Pa in We The Animals, a film about a volatile type of family love, at Tribeca Film Festival, but in his next project he’s about to get super. “I have another feature hopefully dropping this year called El Chicano that was written and directed by a guy named Ben Hernandez Bray. His producer and co-writer on it is a guy named Joe Carnahan,” he told me on the red carpet. “It’s a really exciting Latino superhero story that I don’t think we’ve seen a lot of.”

Castillo also spoke about the demand for more Latino representation in media. “We’ve gotten to a point where absolutely people want it and they need it and they’re demanding it. Luckily there’s more stories being told on screen that reflect the world that’s more familiar to me for sure,” he said. “I feel like coming from the theatre, I wish the theatre would catch up. Television and film are really making great strides in making room for more stories about people of color and I hope the theatre catches up soon.”

“I’ve been really lucky in the last year to get to work on some really great projects,” he continued, “We the Animals is one of them, and I’m excited about these other projects that are coming around.”


Pop star and activist Meredith O’Connor has some exciting film and music projects in the works. “We’re doing a movie about my life and it’s actually kind of based on a story about a girl who’s bullied. It’s called Playing the Game and I’m really, really excited for it to come out,” she revealed to me on the Tribeca red carpet for Back Roads. “I can’t wait to share this movie with my fans as well it’s going to be something they really, really resonate with.”

Additionally she shared that she’s working on a song with other artists as a board member of Montessori United Nations. “We’re doing a song called “Welcome To The Alumni” produced by Heather Haley and it’s going to have myself, Frankie Grande, and a few other people,” she said. “We’re all gonna come together and it’s gonna be this fun thing about saying that the things that make you different are the things that make you unique. I’m really excited for it. We’re going to New Zealand, Australia, UK, France, Spain.”


Kerry Butler is a multitasking queen with two films at Tribeca – The Miseducation of Cameron Post and Mapplethorpe – and a starring role in Broadway’s latest hit show Mean Girls. While she couldn’t say much, she did reveal that she might be working on another musical sooner than we think. “I have another show that I’m probably doing but I can’t talk about it yet…” she teased on the red carpet.


Chiara Aurelia and Hala Finley play sisters in Alex Pettyfer’s Back Roads and they both revealed exciting upcoming television projects on the Tribeca red carpet. “I just signed onto a TNT TV show called Deadlier than the Male which should be coming out very soon,” Chiara Aurelia confirmed with me. “We’re shooting in New Orleans starting this summer.” She’ll play the series regular role of Rose Lord, described as “a beautiful, bored teenager with a mean streak” with her fair share of secrets and toxic relationships.

“And my TV show Man With A Plan I think is going to have a season 3,” shared Finley, who plays the youngest daughter in the Burns family in the series led by actor Matt LeBlanc.


Sam Gittins made his Tribeca debut in Obey, and he’s headed back to the silver screen playing a talented pool player. “The next film I’m about to start shooting is called Break,” he revealed on the red carpet. “It’s about a snooker and it’s sort of a gritty drama. Contradictory but should be good.”


Liv Hill stars as Sarah Taylor in Jellyfish, a film about a troubled teenager who finds herself through stand up comedy. Outside of that role, she has another movie coming out this summer. “I’m in a supporting role in a Lenny Abrahamson film called The Little Stranger. That’s coming out this summer, in America first, I believe,” she told me on the Tribeca red carpet.


Up next for Obey star Sophie Kennedy Clark is a new role in a BBC television series. “I’m currently filming a 4-part BBC drama called The Cry, which is pretty cool,” she told me on the red carpet. “Filming in Glasgow, but they let me pop over to New York. I have to rush back in two days to continue filming.”


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