Kerry Butler Almost Missed Her Chance To Join ‘Mean Girls’ On Broadway


Kerry Butler is having an incredible year. She starred in two films premiering at Tribeca Film Festival — The Miseducation of Cameron Post and Mapplethorpe — and is currently in Mean Girls on Broadway! “I’ve mostly done theatre and so this year I have two films at Tribeca and I’m starring on Broadway — it’s like what is happening?! As an actor sometimes you’re like, ‘Am I ever going to work again?’ and then you have a year like this,” Butler told me modestly on the Miseducation of Cameron Post red carpet.

She joked that part of the reason why she got the role in Cameron Post was because she looked so much like Chloé Grace Moretz. “Sometimes when I see the film I’m like, ‘Wait a second is that me or is that Chloe?'” she laughed. She shared that while Moretz specifically requested her for the film in the role of Cameron’s Aunt Ruth, she auditioned for her role in Mapplethorpe. Although she admits she looks similar to the real-life version of her character Holly Solomon from that film as well.

Butler also revealed how she got involved in Mean Girls on Broadway. “I’ve known Tina [Fey] forever and so they had me in mind for the show,” she told me about being part of the production. “Then there was this weird thing that happened with my agents turning it down without me knowing!”

Watch my interview with the legendary Kerry Butler, below:

Lucky for us, they were able to correct that misstep quickly. “But then I got [the role] and it’s just been great, so much fun! It’s just exciting to be part of the ‘it’ show,” Butler continued.

As for what’s next for Butler, she couldn’t say much, but she did reveal that she might have another musical in the works soon. “I have another show that I’m probably doing but I can’t talk about it yet…” she teased on the Cameron Post red carpet.


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