New Music: Tenacious D Makes A Comeback!

Jack Black and Kyle Gass have teamed up again – Tenacious D is back and ready to rock!

A 6-minute mockumentary called Tenacious D – To Be The Best debuted on Youtube yesterday.  The video takes us on the hysterical journey of Black and Gass reuniting years after their film “The Pick of Destiny” failed in the box office, even serving as a music video for their new single “To Be The Best.”  Extra host Maria Menounos makes a cameo in the mockumentary, calling their new album Rize of the Fenix “the greatest album ever recorded by anyone – ever.  That’s not opinion.  That’s fact.”   Val Kilmer, Dave Grohl, Toshiki Hayashi, Josh Groban, Tim Robbins, and Jimmy Kimmel also make cameos throughout the video.

The band is celebrating their new album with a tour!  They’ll be traveling all over Germany and the UK starting in May, and at the end of June they head back to America for their U.S. tour.  Their complete tour dates can be found on their website.

Tenacious D’s Rize of the Fenix is scheduled for release on May 15.


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