My Hurricane Sandy Coverage

Hofstra student takes to Twitter and Facebook to report Hurricane Sandy

Since Hurricane Sandy hit on Monday, I haven’t had power, but that hasn’t stopped me from going out and reporting on what’s going on around the area.  I’ve been using social media as a main source to share my reporting, which has been used by the Long Island Report, an “award-winning multimedia news organization” run entirely by student journalists from Hofstra University.  The following are articles that either use my reporting or feature me as a journalist:

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By Kristen Maldonado:

Island Park hit hard by Hurricane Sandy: Footage (as of 11/18, footage has 19,000+ views on Youtube)

Island Park resident: “We thought Sandy would be like Irene”

Battered boats tossed around Island Park in Hurricane Sandy – slideshow

Long Beach residents at Levittown Red Cross shelter

Sandy disaster will make us leave Island Park, says resident

Features reporting by Kristen Maldonado:

Long Island feels early effects of Hurricane Sandy

Power outages across Long Island as Hurricane Sandy starts to roll in

Slideshow from Hurricane Sandy on Long Island

About Kristen Maldonado as a journalist:

Hofstra student takes to Twitter and Facebook to report Hurricane Sandy

Hofstra students text, tweet, and Facebook for Hurricane Sandy reporting

Class act from Hofstra reporter in Hurricane Sandy


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