Photos From The Friars Club Comedy Film Festival Premiere Of ‘He’s Way More Famous Than You’

'He's Way More Famous Than You'
‘He’s Way More Famous Than You’

Kidnapping celebrities and stealing scripts, indie actress Halley Feiffer will do anything to get back in the spotlight after she’s dumped by her boyfriend and fired by her agent in He’s Way More Famous Than You.  In deep denial of the real issue in her life – her alcoholism – she convinces her brother Ryan (Ryan Spahn) and his boyfriend (Michael Urie) to help her write and star in her own film.  Desperate to be successful, Halley tries to find more famous co-stars, leading to cameo appearances by Ben Stiller, Vanessa Williams, Ralph Macchio, Mamie Gummer, Jesse Eisenberg, and Natasha Lyonne.

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