Interview: JoJo Talks Pre-Show Jitters And Future Album [VIDEO]

JoJo performing in New York City
JoJo performing at Baruch College in New York City

From her mixtape Agápē to her upcoming movie G.B.F., actress and recording artist JoJo is everywhere.  Just last week she made a pit stop in New York City to perform at Baruch College’s Spring Fling.  I chatted with the powerhouse vocalist prior to her show and she dished on her favorite song to perform and the status of her much-anticipated third album.

On Pre-Show Nerves

“I always get nervous. Yeah, it never stops.  I feel like I get nervous the older I get actually,” said JoJo.  “Like, I feel like I’m going to throw up.  I always have to go to the bathroom before.  My tour manager’s always freaking out.  I’m like, ‘I got to pee!’  I just always get really nervous, but, yeah, I try to not psych myself out.  It’s all mental.”

On Her Favorite Song To Perform

“I love to perform Andre […] but I love performing different songs for different reasons,” she said.  “I can find something enjoyable about all of them actually.”

On Plans For A New Album

“I’m not currently recording a third album, but it’s definitely in the front of my mind and in my heart wanting to do that,” JoJo said.  “I’m going to continue to release music to my supporters who have been so patient in the meantime while I’m working out this unfortunate label situation.”

Check out JoJo performing “Disaster,” below, and the full playlist of videos from her New York City performance here!


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